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My name is Alan and I'm 19. I am a student in the field of exact sciences, fan of manga and anime as well as being passionate volleyball player.


This show.

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Now! In this position, with this timing, this angle… Dead on!

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I have to be a good boy, or else Mama will be cross with me again

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im sorry


photos by ole jørgen liodden in norway (more polar bear posts)

One Gifset per Episode.

↳ Pokémon, Episode 1: Pokémon I Choose You.

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Terminando mais essa (ótima) obra! #SoulEater

Terminando mais essa (ótima) obra! #SoulEater

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We’ll pin our hopes on Eren still being alive, and rescue him before it leaves the forest. I will tear away at it…. You draw its attention!”

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